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Sorry to say, but i have moved to blogspot.
ohmydianna.blogspot.com :)

Catch ya later!
Its hard to pick whos my friend at school.
Like shitness man it really is hard.

Its like im only there for the sake of it. People dont take me seriously. They never do.
Im just there. Nothing to it. Im just only there.
These so called friendships dont exactly mean much outside of school.
At school, im just there for people to hang around, we dont exactly talk much and then outside of school its like 'Who the fuck are you?"
Simple as that.
I fucking hate it.

And again, my life is being bloody wasted on people like that.
When will people learn?!
That im not some bloody person for people to use.
That i may in fact have feelings and is a normal human being like the rest of you people.
That i cant do everything for you!

Fucking hell.
I cant wait for this part of my life to be over and done with.
I miss them people but its as though im losing them too. What. The. Fuck.
I feel so out of it.
Out of the picture.

I thought i was fine with where i was right here. Right where i am right now.
But really, when i think about it closely, Im not fine at all.

Its like im losing touch of people. We had fun, we laughed , but we never sort of really talked. It kinda hurts, finding out that youve never really known that person. Though i think its my fault. People cant really talk to with me. Sure, i can relate to what theyre saying but what am i suppose to tell them back so that they know for sure that im a person that they can trust that they can come to me whenever they need help?

Ive missed out of many things. Many opportunities to get to know that person.
Though i cant help it, it was already set out this way for us.
The many things i missed out on seems like a part of my life has been wasted.


OMG. its bloody 4am!
and im not tired.

I have never stayed up so late.
maybe i have. dont know. dont remember.
well im off to bed.
parents are probably gonna give me a lecture about waking
late tomorrow. Bet you i'll sleep til 1-2pm.
Lets hope parents are off to Sunday Market!
yay! for sleeping in :)

Gee im abit slow.

Omg, i finally understand what 'writers block' is. LMAO!
When giang was explaining it to me, i was like.. huh? what? i dont get it! explain again!
But it all makes sense now.
So people use writers block because they have nothing else to write about.
LAWL. what was so hard to understand about that? gosh, me. :L

Writer's Block: Chatty

Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?
Both? only sometimes.

Texting is fun.
Talking on the phone is only fun when theres something to talk about. lol

Writer's Block: Seven Days

Which day of the week do you least look forward to? And which one do you most anticipate?
On weekdays when i have school, I least look forward to Monday through to Thursday.
I love fridays because its the end of the week. haha!

+50 facts. LAWL

101. I hate cold weather because its cold. lawl
102. I dont wear jeans much when im out with friends.
103. I think i have a big arse.
104. I sing like a retard when im at home and when im watching some kind of singing show. eg Australia's got talent or Australia Idol.
105. I like long socks that dont fall down when you wear it. haha
106. I also hate sticky humid really hot weather.
107. I hate going to Vietnam for holidays because of the weather and the people.
108. When i get angry i make this huge grunt, i keep silent or i cry anger tears. LOL
109. I hate it when im playing a song on piano and little kids come along and start banging on the keys because A. It ruins the mood of the song and B. They're killing my piano.
110. My hair grows fast.
111. I choose a proper piano over a keyboard.
112. I keep pressing the Capital Locks button on this keyboard when i try to write a capital letter and its bugging me. lol
113. Giang and Huyen are with me now. :D
114. Black clothes are nice.
115. Most of my shoes are converses.
116. I have heaps and heaps and heaps of fish at home.
117. One of my dogs recently died.
118. I prefer being outside than inside.
119. I want to see the world.
120. I crack my neck , my fingers and sometimes my toes. haha!
121. Little kids annoy me.
122. Littles kids are adorable from age 1-3 and when they get 4 and over they get plain annoying.
123. I suck at pronouncing words. haha
124. Its really cold atm and i feel numb.
125. I feel bad when i use someone else's time. Eg asking a teacher for a form afterschool. That makes me feel bad because they're using their time for me.
126. I hate the sound (as in the mentioning) of piano lessons but when its finished i really do want to continue with the lesson.
127. I forget alot.
128. My printer doesnt work and im not happy with it. >:] lol
129. I want a cardigan.
130. I want more winter hats.
131. I snore.
132. I miss the sun.
133. Cooking is a new obsession.
134. When moody psming people act moody and pmsy infront of me, that makes me all moody and pmsy. HAHA! weird chain hey? :L
135. I have this weird habit of doing work at 12am finishing at 2am and waking up the next day at 12pm. :L
136. I dont know why but it frustrates me when people dont respect music or when they dont give the time to listen. I guess im THAT passionate about it.
137. People who dont listen is so argh frustrating also because they always jump to conclusion.
138. I'd describe myself as a good listener. But its hard to listen to everyone when theres a few people talking to me.
139. There shouldnt be such thing as the feeling of being excluded or depression.
140. I hate it when people take things too seriously. But who am i to say that? I guess i do that too.
141. Im sentitive about my appearance.
142. Back to how i think i have a big arse. I think its too big and i dont like it. HAHA!
143. I do things that people tell me to do because that way everyone is happy and theres no argueing.
144. To be honest, i wouldnt mind being those rubbish picking people. Its disgusting how ugly our world is getting everyday.
145. Im also scared of the outer space. What is beyond Earth? Scary shizz.
146. I feel scared/uncomfortable/worried not knowing what is happening. I dont like to guess, to wait or not knowing.
147. I take things to heart most of the time. And most situations people go through, i guess i can relate to most of them.
148. I feel bad when people feel bad.
149. Seeing mice creep me out. They're so ugly and its tiny and crawls around everywhere. +o(
150. All the bad things i think about, I try to hope that if i wait, everything will turn out just fine.

100 facts.

100 things about me:
  1. I cant handle disappointment.
  2. I love purple.
  3. i love my best friends.
  4. The Ellen Degeneres Show cracks me up all the time.
  5. So does my wife and kids.
  6. And family guy. Though i dont watch it on tv that much.
  7. One of my favourite tv show is Ghost Whisperer which btw makes me cry all the time.
  8. And also House, CSI, Greys Anatomy, Medium and NCIS.
  9. The biggest loser weigh in always makes me cry.
  10. I'll cry at any sad thing such as sad tv shows.
  11. One of my favourite actors is Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  12. I love JLH because her names awesome, shes pretty, awesome actress and shes a great role model.
  13. I like listening to Alternative/Punk.
  14. Instruments and music really interest me.
  15. Ive been playing piano for 8 years.
  16. I want to own a cello and violin. They look so pretty.
  17. I like maths. I dont get why people dont like it. lawl
  18. My phone is really really really old.
  19. My room is really kiddy. With teddy bears everywhere.
  20. I like anything romantic.
  21. I really like the movie Gran Torino. It was sad.
  22. Shes the man cracks me up all the time. Never get bored of it.
  23. Penelope is an awesome movie.
  24. Drummers, guitarist, pianist, basically musicians i think are superly hot.
  25. When i hear drums, a gush of adrenaline rushes through my body.
  26. Im passionate about music and i would love to have a career in it.
  27. My brother pisses me off every second of every day.
  28. Im scared of what people think about me.
  29. I download heaps of things. Music and movies.
  30. I really like the Red Jumpsuit apparatus, Cartel and Cute is what we aim for.
  31. I like pretty clothes but sadly i have no pretty clothes in my wardrobe. haha!
  32. I think everything is funny and make up the most ridiculous unfunny jokes ever.
  33. No one can understand my explanations except giang. LOL!
  34. I suck at both speaking Viet and English.
  35. But somehow I get A's in English.
  36. Real friends are hard to find at my school.
  37. I have a thing for guys who wear skinny jeans and converses.
  38. I like boys who know how to dress as well. ;D
  39. Books are wicked. But i dont read them. haha!
  40. I want a library in my house just for the sake of having one. I aint reading the books in it though. :L
  41. Im clumsy. Everything i hold/touch will break, spill or be dropped.
  42. I trip over all the time and seem to embarrass myself all the time.
  43. I say the wrongs things at the wrong time.
  44. I have this sudden obsession for cooking.
  45. I hate photos where it shows my whole body.
  46. I love pretty photos.
  47. I like the song The Call by Regina Spektor.
  48. Im banned from all 'chatting' sites but i still go on.
  49. I plan to live in a house with my crew in the future.
  50. Im scared of the future.
  51. As well as the dark, heights, big amount of water surrounding you, scary things, ghosts, Giang's mum, mice and yeah.
  52. I hate swimming.
  53. But i love sports. If it doesnt include long distances of running.
  54. I have trouble running. How on earth do you 'run'? LAWL
  55. I like blogging.
  56. And taking pictures.
  57. Im a big money spender.
  58. I want to travel the world. I know many people say this but they never do it but im not kidding. I want to travel the world and see the beautiful scenary that the creator of the world created for us. Im that determined to do it. lawl
  59. Art also fascinates me.
  60. I hate assignments and tests.
  61. In general i hate school work.
  62. I hate fake people. Such as teeny boppers who copy others. Get your own style why dont you!
  63. Skydiving will be on my to do list. And again, i will do this in the future.
  64. I love my aunty and my cousin so much. They mean the world!
  65. I really cant wait to the day i find true love. how corny! haha!
  66. I want a huge gym at my house.
  67. I have long fingers.
  68. Im a really really bad liar.
  69. I try to keep secrets. Well i will keep secrets that are worth keeping. If not, then i will accidentally blab it out
  70. Though im not a gossiper. I think? Maybe i might to think that one out again. hm.
  71. I have a very small vocabulary. haha!
  72. I suck at remembering. I seem to only remember things that i know needs remembering.
  73. I use to do dancing, swimming, work at a grocery behind the counter at the age of 11 without getting paid and play tennis.
  74. My family use to own an asian grocery. It sucked big time. Hated every bit of working everyday.
  75. Right now i only have $10.
  76. I dont get pocket money which sucks shit.
  77. I love going to the cinema.
  78. I extremely love doing daring things such as go on huge arse roller coasters.
  79. Though im scared shitless at most things. haha!
  80. I love parks, swings & grass.
  81. I basically love nature. The good parts of nature that is.
  82. I want a big family. A real BIG one.
  83. Im dying to have another sibling but mum doesnt want to have one. :@!
  84. I suck at conversations.
  85. Msn is gay and boring.
  86. I listen to music really loud. In fact everywhere you see me, i'll be listening to music.
  87. Music is my life!
  88. I love having fun.
  89. I love friend gatherings. Though that doesnt happen alot.
  90. I want to live in america. So much opportunities and so much exploring you can do there.
  91. I want to own a purple car.
  92. Im nice to friends and people who dont know me that well. Family has been the only people who has seen my bad side.
  93. I seem to always think that i can trust everyone. But im blinded with the truth.
  94. Funny people crack me up (duh ya doofus) and they make sad days happy. haha!
  95. i love laughing. LAWL
  96. I like the feeling of adrenaline.
  97. Im a noob at so many things.
  98. I like tranport thingos. You know? The bus and train. haha!
  99. Shopping is fun when theres money to spend and when you dont have the feeling of guilt when you spend money.
  100. My parents are so damn asian. I meant that in a different way not the obvious.
Well there you have it.
Enjoy reading?
Dont even think that you finished reading it.
haha! toodles!

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